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About Us

ColdZone solves ALL foodservice refrigeration problems!

For the designer

We'll design a complete refrigeration system to function to the exact specifications you supply, on our CAD system, then provide you with a drawing or a disc that lets you easily integrate the system into your project plan set.

For the contractor

Our remote, unitized refrigeration systems, pre-assembled, save on installation, materials and labor, require only one roof penetration instead of multiple ones. You provide your customer with a better facility at lower cost.

For the consultant

As the leading foodservice refrigeration supplier by far, we've probably already solved any problem you may run across. All that expertise is available to you so that you can produce complete, professional solutions for your clients.

For owners

We work with you, with your contractor, your consultant, your designer, and your Foodservice Dealer in whatever way is best for you. The result is an optimal refrigeration system, an investment that will provide benefits in lower operating and maintenance costs for years to come.