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Most Kramer equipment is manufactured in one of the industry's most modern manufacturing facilities in Scottsboro, AL. A large inventory of replacement parts is readily available to satisfy customer needs.

Fastest Defrost, Lowest Cost

Kramer's patented Thermobank® equipment defrosts as much as five times faster than other conventional systems. That means Kramer can operate up to 22 hours a day versus the others 16 or 18 hours, which saves the user money both in original costs and in continuing operating savings, month after month.

Oldest Working Equipment

In a nation-wide contest, Kramer equipment was found to be still operating to specifications after more than 40 years, many for more than 30 years. Obviously there's an advantage to equipment that lasts. It's a better investment. And nothing is built to last longer than Kramer!

System is Only as Good as It’s Parts

The best performing, longest lived refrigeration systems result from being designed and built with the best component parts. Kramer uses 3-phase motors when others use single phase, suction filters with replaceable cores that sweat-on throwaways, sturdier fans, heavier gauge metal.

More Energy Savings

Kramer's Patented Thermobank® delivers more refrigeration with less energy consumption, less equipment,less installation and lower operation costs than any other refrigeration package on the market or likely to be on the market. But prove it to yourself. There's nothing better.