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HTPG offers air cooled condensers to a multitude of applications including food service and food retail and other customers. Air cooled condensers use an array of fans to move large amounts of air over condensing coils and are a highly engineered element of the refrigeration system.

HTPG offers fluid coolers capable of cooling almost any non-corrosive fluid. Ranging from single fan to 14-fan units, HTPG fluid coolers provide energy saving alternatives when used with water-cooled machinery or as an economizer in computer room or printing press cooling applications.

Air Cooled Fluid Coolers lend themselves to an extraordinary variety of cooling applications. These systems cool most fluids that are non-corrosive to copper tubing. They provide closed circuit cooling of condensing water thus avoiding maintenance of evaporative water cooling. The fluid cooler doubles as an economizer to cool interior space during winter, then cools condenser water in the summer. Fluid coolers can also cool compressor oil in heavy commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. The industrial cooling applications are endless!