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Russell Launches Low Velocity Evaporator Line – July 12, 2012

Scottsboro, Alabama – July 12, 2012

Russell, a leading American manufacturer of heat transfer products for the HVAC/R industries announces the launch of its newly redesigned low velocity evaporator line.
Flow-Temp low air velocity unit coolers, available in air, electric and hot gas defrost, are particularly well suited for coolers where products requiring high relative humidity are stored. They are ideal for use in produce storage and floral coolers, meat preparation cutting rooms and other refrigerated applications where high relative humidity and worker comfort are essential.
By combining the strengths of two legacy product lines, Flow-Temp units have been redesigned to provide both product improvement and an increase in the number of available models. Utilizing 3/8” enhanced copper tubing in the coil has increased heat transfer efficiency and significantly reduced refrigerant operating charge requirements. The transition to 3/8” tubing has also decreased unit height from 1/2 to 3 inches depending upon the model selected.  An inner drain pan reduces drain pan sweating in the high humidity environments and also concentrates defrost heat allowing for the use of lower wattage heaters. Motors are now attached directly to the externally hinged drain pan ensuring proper fan alignment and facilitating ease of service. Hot gas defrost models are now available with the standard hot gas pan loop or optional electric defrost heaters.
Units are now identified with a new “smart” part number and range in capacity from 5,000 to 34,000 Btuh @ 10°F TD. Flow-Temp units are available with optionally mounted components and various optional coil coatings.
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