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High Sierra

High Sierra incorporates all of the benefits of Sierra™ refrigeration systems; energy savings, reduced refrigerant charge and prolonged compressor life, adding it’s energy saving counter flow rapid defrost technology. Designed to deliver the most efficient low temperature freezer applications, High Sierra’s counter flow defrost utilizes its unique two pipe hot gas defrost technology to clear frosted coils very rapidly and without the ice forming coil steaming that is inherent with electric defrost systems. High Sierra’s unique two pipe hot gas system eliminates the need for a third hot gas line. Coupled with Sierra’s refrigerant saving design, this two pipe system leads to substantial savings in refrigerant costs. High Sierra’s rapid defrost leads to longer compressor run times, which means less cycling of the compressor and often lower compressor horse power requirements. High Sierra is the best choice for freezer applications providing highly efficient, low cost, energy saving operation throughout the year.